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About Us


Carriage Driving World Magazine is the fastest growing bimonthly publication for and about carriage driving. It reaches a wide international audience of carriage driving enthusiasts, from the people who drive just for the sheer pleasure of it, to those who compete at the international level, and everyone in between.

Carriage Driving World Magazine was established in 1986 to meet the needs of the drivers in the western United States. Since the early days, our subscription and advertising base has grown to cover the entire United States and Canada, as well as Europe and Australia. We are no longer just a "western states" publication.

Carriage Driving World Magazine appeals to carriage drivers of all ages with all types of equines. We introduce new ideas, topics, and products that relate specifically to carriage driving and the whip. Additionally, we cover clinics, club activities, events, and competitions. We are happy to have three internationally-known columnists in each issue as well as many contributors from all regions of the United States, Canada, and England. Event organizers and sponsors rely on Carriage Driving World Magazine for new and innovative ideas for their upcoming events.

This magazine, now reaches over 6,000 readers, is circulated all over the world, and reflects the dedication and dreams of several publishers. I hope we surprise you, inform you, and with every issue, take you on carriage drives that only show anything is possible.

Welcome to a new generation of carriage driving information. So climb on, hang on, and enjoy the ride.

Donna Hornsby, Publisher